8" sub or 10" sub


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From personal experience and due to the fact that no1 really buys 8"s i wouldn't know much about them so don't think im a noob. I want to put a minor system in my car just a little boom. I don't know what an 8 sounds like....from my common sense it will sound bubbly if it tries to hit low notes. I will be putting a bass tube in the car or a ported box and will be only 1 sub. Also i will be keeping my stock unit (yea i know BOOO!!!)... and what would be a good LOC to use that doesn't restrict a big amount of frequency.

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Whats your budget for everything including sub, amp, box, wiring ect.

Any sub/amp combo will sound better than a bass tube, don't waste your time.

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With the size of cars becoming more and more compact sub manufacturers will be challenged in offering equal output from smaller drivers, (shallow mounts, 8"-10" drivers, ect...).

Not everyone has enough room to tote around a fridge sized box.

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i already have an amp. Its a Solidaudio amp and most people here prob never heard of it but its excellent and someone here has won competitions with this company. 500watts. Like i said nothing big. If that's the case then i'll just get a ported box. I will prob go with a cheap 10" sub don't really know which one yet...i want bass and will prob run about 250watts to the sub max. And i don't want a heavy box i was thinking the smaller it is the lighter the box is.

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I have two dd 1508s and they really suprised me. The lows are actually pretty dam good to be honest. i got more lows than i do high bass with these. 8s are cool cuz like you said not many people have them so its different. But if you want a lil more bass and lose a lil more rooms you can just get the ten. check my vid out.

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u lucky mother... i wanted the altima coupe but anyways. i'll prob get those then BUT i can't find them on ebay.
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