How many layers will i need?


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im going to start my glass box soon, i have one 9 squre feet matt of glass, my sub is about 27lbs and is going to be mounted on an angle, 5 layers would that be good? im using as much wood as possible because i know it will be hard to glass the little part that i want. how do i test how strong the glass is?


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I cant tell you how many layers to do but 5 should suffice. Just remember, fiberglass is hella stronger when it isnt curved. If you are making it flat, use a lot of layers and supports. is a great place to look for info. Some of those guys are really good at glassing

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Yes they are good! a lot of them have been doing glass as long or longer than I have. Chad did some good pod's, the other day!! search for his thread! 40% of the 90 model's chevy ex-cab box is glass! I use a cr@p load of fabric and resin!! You can see some of it on my myspace!! You can make anything with Glass!!!!!

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Hey get on USPS website United states postal service and find the order supplies link order tape! it is free!! they think if they give you boxes and tape your going to ship with them. You will need lots of tape!
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