Fi Audio Q (12) vs AudioQue HDC3 (12in)


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I'm debating on which one to get, a Fi Audio Q (12in - $260+$40 for the BP Power) or a AudioQue HDC3 (12in - $229). I'm thinking about getting a Autotek SS1500.1D running at 1ohm, should be around 1500rms. Which one would be loud as hell, yet have fairly good SQ? Compared to each other, which one has the best/most advantages?

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um thats a SQ subs vs a spl sub

AQ should be louder while Q would have better quality....

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"Q would have better quality...."

better sound quality you mean.

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"Which one would be loud as hell, yet have fairly good SQ"

Going off of this statement alone, I would say you would be happier with the HDC3.

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Fi Q

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how much space do you have??? I prefer the Q, but the HDC3 may suit what you are looking for better

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the RD alpha gets low n still retains SQ, thats what i heard from chad mayb look into an RD Alpha.

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yes yes

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the hdc3 12 is loud but the low end has lacking sq...(I personally couldnt live with betting the original audioque hd subs sounded better sq wise on the low end)

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If you build the right box, the Q can get plenty loud.

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x2 ^^

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ive always had aq and dd woofers which lack the sq on the low end and im perfectly happy

ide get the HDC3

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my vote is hdc3

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Fi Q

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mach 5 audio spl. but out of the two i'd go with the q if it were me

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maybe u should look into the FI BL??? just an idea

its either spl or sql...
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