Ever heard a song that.....


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ever heard a song havent heard on a system before?just thought id share some I heard today that had an unbelievable amount of bass in them for the type of music.I was goin thru the stations on the old FM AND GOT TO A ROCK STATION,I normally listen to stuff that i know hits well,anyways,this song was just beatin hard!It was paranoid-by Black!must have been digitally remastered,didnt think they had bass like that in 1970.2 other surprising songs came on,38 special-hold on loosely..and COCANE-clapton.usually peeps that listen to rock build sealed boxes,mine is ported and these songs were bangin nicely!Just thought I'd share my expirience with the group.(and yes I'm easily amused)

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Ya, One by Metallica does it for me and Sanitarium... Polo. :-O

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lamb of god is nice too

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You would be shocked how much a good MIDBASS response coupled with the substage matters for rock music.

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ya I know "roam" by metallica hits hard also.

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Contry acually has a lot of long low bass tones (bass guitar) i was searching through my cd's for a song the other day and put in a country cd and it hit hard. So i rolled around bumping it in the mall parking lot and i got some weird looks.

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Alot of Rock songs hit Hard... Drums bass all contributes.. i was at three days grace seether breakin benjiman concert yesturday... and god dam the bass shook me and i was in the back lol... Great Concert

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Sex out south by tech n9ne. That hits hard. Its not rock but it hits.

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mariah carey-break down

chris brown - help me

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heres some off the top of my head

Da Blow - lil john & east side boyz ((NEED))
late night tip - three 6 mafia
nothins free - lil john & east side boys ft oobie
fack - eminem
doubt me now - lil wyte
hoods run down - lil wyte
grippin the grain Screwed & Chopped - Bonecrusher
throw it up screwed & chopped - lil john
bass i love you - Bassotronics

those are a must ESPECIALLY ____DA BLOW___
ummm you get the idea
ya want more i could go all day hahaha
let me no

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Ozzy has a couple songs that moves air like nothing!!! i think one is "momma I'm coming home" but I will check!

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Revis - Caught in the rain
Stone Temple Pilots - most songs
Slipknot - Left Behind
Stone Sour - 30/30-150
Devildriver - End of the line
Celldweller - entire cd
Opeth - most tracks from Ghost Reveries
Tool - 10000 days(Wings for marie, pt 2), Jambi
My Chemical Romance - Famous last words
Korn - Most songs
Stabbing westward - drugstore, save yourself, haunting me, the thing I hate

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Incubus - Album, their live sh!t sounds like p00p, good bass though - Just a Phase has one of the best intros ever
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