Alpine CDA-9815 question


I just bought the Alpine CDA-9815 head unit this past weekend as the first step in building a nice car stereo system. So in my research for head units the past few months, I noticed the disclaimer that the powerful output of Alpine's V-Drive internal amplifier requires a direct fused connection to your vehicle's battery. I talked with the salesman about this and he says that isn't needed. Any recommendations? I'm somewhat of a rookie at installations and am looking for good advice. Is it important that I get this connection made? What could happen? Thanks in advance.

Tom B
Don't listen to that moron at the store. Get yourself a 8 or 10 gauge wire for the main power...and even one for the ground. Alpine suggests the high power hook up...follow thier suggestion. Good luck.

He's right. that guy at the store must not know what he is talking about. Go with a 10 gauge wire for power and ground for pleanty of clean power

but if ur new at installing stuff ,its not worth the hassle ... the only time u should be having to run 10 guage wires to the battery is for amps... my head unit works perfect the way it is even tho im getting an external amp for it anyway to give the head unit some breathing room oh and im sure "that guy at the store has NO idea what hes talking about" jeez tom he only works there he must have some knowledge about car audio considering thats what he sells... a good person to go to ALSO is the manager of the car audio department at the store u were in or at Circuit City
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