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I have 2 12w6v2s at 2 ohm hooked up to a JBL GTO1201.1II amp (2ohm). What should i put my bass boost, gain, and lpf for maximum bump?

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bass boost all the way down or in other words off, lpf no more than 100hz, i like mine set @ 100 but it depends on what ur speakers are set @. and take a dmm to set ur gain. find a web site that tells you what the output ac voltage of your amp should be. and set it to that using a dmm

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so 2 w6's wire down to a 1 ohm load. That amp is not 1 ohm capable. You my friend need a diffrent amp.

It may be one ohm stable, but I cant find the specs.

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thanks dan

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Number of Channels 1 - Mono
RMS Power (4 ohms) 787 watts x 1 channel
RMS Power (2 ohms) 1114 watts x 1 channel
RMS Power (1 ohm) Not Stable
Bridged RMS Power Not Bridgeable
Peak Power Output N/A
Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2 ohms
Minimum Impedance Bridged Not Bridgeable ohms
THD at Rated RMS Power 1%
Speaker Level Inputs N/A
Preamp Outputs Yes
Built-in Crossover Yes - LP
High-Pass Crossover Frequency N/A
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 32 - 320 Hz
Subsonic Filter N/A
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 70 dB
Channel Separation N/A
Bass Boost 0 - 12 dB
Bass/Gain Remote Optional (not included)
Fan Cooled N/A
Fuse Rating 40 A x 3

12 W6 v2's only come in dual 4 ohms. So if you wire them together, its either 4 ohm, or you can wire them for 1 ohm.

So before you go thanking dan for blowing up your amp, maybe you should do some research Gunther

http://www.crutchfield.com/learningcenter/car/subwoofers_wiring.html?imageID=2DV C%5F4%2Dohm%5Fmono

If it was me, and I had that amp allready, I would wire to 4 ohms.}

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yeah something smells fishy...

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Marc, that is how i have them wired. maybe i was misled when someone told me that was two ohm.
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