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hallo folks new bloke here jst looking for some advice on how best to deaden various rattles in the boot(trunk as you call it)i,ve been thinking about using expandable foam in the voids of the boot lid , seems like a good idea has any of you guys tried it out ? thanks folks

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try to find the exact location of where the rattles are coming from. sometimes its due to parts coming loose from the vibrations. tighten those down nice and then apply some deadener that you peel and stick.

the foam stuff works great but make sure you don't just spray that stuff in. once you make a mistake, hard to correct.

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You also wouldn't want to foam over any serviceable or replaceable parts, wires, bulbs, ect....

You'd have to cut it out to get to it.

Welcome. Lovin' the accent.

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thanks lads ,i,ve tried some damplifier pro but it still sounds tinny hence the foam idea, the boot lid is full of voids ,my car is a rover 75 dont suppose you folks will have a clue what that is (try google)its a british built car but with german money and parts ( b. m. w ) well built but the boot isn,t well soundproofed ,has any one got any hints or tps on using this foam stuff as i,ve never used it befoe any help would be great thanks again

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Use the minimal expanding foam used for around window and door openings. The regular stuff gets about 4 times bigger and will ooze out every crack. Mask off areas that you don't want the foam to stick to since it sticks to everything. Wear rubber gloves if needed. Cover areas below where you apply it since some may drip out and ruin your carpet. Spray some water(mist) in the voids and on the surface after applying to make it harden faster. If it does ooze out, you can push the hump back in with your fingers(with gloves and water) or just let it harden and cut off the excess with a sharp knife or hacksaw blade. This stuff hardens faster if it has a little moisture but only the surface. It will take a few hours before the center cures.
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