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Dunno if anyone noticed that they're no longer making them. This is a sad moment in my life as a few of you understand... I noticed awhile ago, but it's finally hit me that the legendary sub has finally seen it's last days...

I have access to a few Ti's that are waiting for a hardcore bass head like myself to look after them. The Ti is a hard sub to beat, even by today's standards :D.

Peace out.

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I hear ya. I've wanted an ava for awhile. Now SI doesn't make 15's it looks like it too will become a sought after sub.

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Can I get my hands on one of these TI's?

Why did they ever stop making them? Was there a specific reason?

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Username: Kd7nfr

Moody AFB, GA United States

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They stopped making them because of competition. That and I'm sure they're doing cut backs like all other companies anymore...

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Username: Mateo

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i have a 12" titanium for sale if anyone is interested...but yea tis a very sad day, thats why i tried hard to get my hands on a 15" and i did ;)
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