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Was wondering what you guys have yours at?
Mine is at:
50hz - +3, 125 - +2, 315 - 0, 800 - -1, 2k - 0, 5k - 0, 12.5k - +3
That's what I usually have it at give or take 1 on most.
I've been playing around with it and can't really find anything I'm set on and was wondering what other people had.
Headunit is a Pioneer 590 and my sub is a Fi Q btw.

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the HU i havce right now i have it all flat, then my clarion EQ is all flat except for the 16.5 band or somthing that ones a little boosted. but brad just sold me his 780mp(thanks againbradwarrenisthebest)so i will be selling my EQ

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Hmmm, how's it sound flat?

One other ?...
My amp can put out ~950 rms and I set the gains for a little under 900 at 46 volume, out of 62. Any chance I'm clipping it at ~25-30, bass at 0, on the low notes when the 50 Hz eq is at +3?

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i have my HU eq set on flat also.

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mine is on vocals.

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all cars are different so all EQs will be set differently.

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^I know this, but wanted to see what everyone had. To get an idea for what to try mine at. I have a small SUV, Escape.
Unless someone has a hatchback or beetle or something the eq shouldn't be all that different.
I know it depends on taste too. I like the lows a lot, so that's why my 50 Hz is always around +2 or 3 lol
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