Adire Brahma?


SO. Ive been hearing a lot about these subs... How big of an amp do you recommend i get (rockford fosgate) for 2 12's and i listen to korn slipknot stuff like that, so should i go for a ported or sealed box. And does anyone know around the dB level for these?? Thanks!!

Why doenst anyone anwser what i put??? But you anwser everyone elses....: (

ummmmm, are you really gonna get 2 of these? these subs are complete beasts. to push these subs properly you will need around 1000 watts per sub. for these you will most likely need sealed, especially if you are listening to rock, sealed is better for the short, hard hitting bass. what kind of car are you putting these in? to properly estimate DB levels, i'd need to know the kind of space you got.

sorry it took so long to respond, i just recently came back to this board.

well i have gotten 2 jl audio w7s and i have 2 rockford fosgate type rf x6 amps pushing them in my ford escape

i myself am getting 2 of these beasts. i have done alot of research on subwoofers and these are insane. i am going to be pushing them with an earthquake ph-d3 amp at 2 ohms. they will each be getting 1300watts rms. i listen to rock and rap each and am wondering what kind of box and size i would need? they will be going into a 99 2 door gmc jimmy. im estimating db levels of about 155, is this to high,low, or just right? thanx for any help and plz email me, MIKE

if you have 2 W7's why buy cheaper subs? dont get me wrong here i am an adire fan and own a brahma myself, but if you bothered to buy not 1 but 2 W7's, you would have to setup your 2 brahmas alot better than your w7 setup to get better performance comparing to the W7
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