How to prevent Battery terminal corrosion?


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So after having my system installed for about 9 months now the positive terminal is very very corroded. at least the cable connection to it is, so corroded that the set screws that hold in the 4 and 8 gauge are locked shut and no pressure will release them. Its not the battery, its like 4 months old.

Due to this my car is having issues starting and that creates problems.

So what do you do to stop corrosion for starting on the terminals?


Forgot to add that I live in Wisconsin and its like a high of 11 today and -11 tonight so starting is a good thing.

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make sure your connections at the batteries are nice and tight.

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Clean that. Get a toothbrush and some Sprite and clean them.

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Yea, i plan on taking it off the car and either getting a different one or maybe salvaging this one (i doubt that can happen though).

Switching to a standard lead one for right now just to make sure its the terminal.

The worst thing is that the corrosion got into the connection between the wire and the terminal so it craps up that connection.

Thanks for the suggestion on the sprite, ill give that a try and see how it goes.

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Baking Soda to stop the corrosion and Vaseline to protect it from further corrosions.

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i bought these little felt pieces that go around the terminal at autozone and they work excellent

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baking soda and warm water to get the cosion off and just w d 40 the terminal a few shots it will cut down the corrosion a ton.

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Aruman Hit the nail on the head. Clean it up and put vaseline or dielectric grease on it. Just glob it on to cover everything liberally.

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Anytime I have to put a battery in vehicle, I always put Vaseline on the battery posts and the connections, stops corrosion dead in it's tracks, not mention is makes it a he!!uva lot easier to take the connection back off.
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