The opposite of sound deadener, new mateial.....


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A new material that allows sound wave to pass through objects unobstructed. Something new for those 4 SQ guys on

Well it hasn't been made "yet" but they are on a roll. nd+waves+study/NewsandOpinions/ContentPosting.aspx?isfa=1&newsitemid=soundwaves& feedname=CBC-TECH-SCIENCE&show=False&number=0&showbyline=True&subtitle=&detect=& abc=abc&date=False

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I believe Dark matter would also be well suied for this app, as the gravitational effect of Dark matter would keep the sounds waves from seperating. Side effects may include compressing everthing in a 100 mile radius in to a 1" ball of heavy matter your sub box.

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Interesting... Ive never really thought about anything like that.

Nice find.
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