Splicing two RCA cables together


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The male ends of my RCA cable somehow broke off in my amp's RCA jacks. I think I can take apart the amp and pop them out, which I'm about to do. However, i was wondering if anyone had any experience trying to splice together RCA cables. Would this create a lot of noise in the signal even if I used heat shrink? I just don't feel like tearing up all my trim to run another cable if it's avoidable.

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uh buy new ones?

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You can, but you have to insulate the inner wire and then the outer shield has to cover it, unless it is twisted pair. It may be much easier to just put new ends on it if you can. Shielding might not be a big deal if it is right close to the amp, long as both wires in RCA are connected and not able to touch, depending on if there are noise sources right there.

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if you dont wanna tear your trim out, hook up new rcas to the old ones with tape and then pull the old ones out which will pull the new ones through... Does that make sense?

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DAMN andrew capps, you're alive LOL OMG!
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