Bummed! Limited Speaker Options. Opinions Please!


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I am bummed! My door speakers (truck-extended cab) are limited by the mounting depth (BMD 2.25") and only the following qualify as possibilities (that I can find). Opinions on which is the best? Rank in order of quality please. They all run about $100.

- Kicker 02K60 6.5" Shallow 2-way
- Rockford Fosgate FRC4206U 6.5" Shallow 2-way
- Infinity Reference 6002si 6.5" Shallow 2-way

I was all ready to order the Infinity Kappa 6.5" 3-ways and then found out they will not fit. I guess I have to settle for lesser quality speakers. My rear speakers are just fill (and they provide enough bass for now) and what I really need is clarity and crisper highs from the front.

Do I just bag it and buy the Kappa tweeters from Infinity to get my highs? Bass-Blockers for the flat sounding existing door speakers?

I am using only the Eclipse HU to push the 4 speakers and no amp is coming in the near future but I want quality speakers in place when I do get an amp and sub.

So, an opinon on the speakers and anything else would be appreciated. (I find myself yearning for my old under-the-dash Pioneer SuperTuner 8-Track in my '64 Malibu. Now that was great sound!)

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you can buy or make spacers to push out the speakers to add more depth.
that's an option.

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Thanks for the response and the suggestion. I will have to pull the door panel to see what I am dealing with. The speaker grills are built into the door panel so that may be a limiting factor.

I guess what I am really asking for is an opinion, based on your brand experience, of the best speaker/brand in the above list if no depth adjustment is possible. I have listened to a number of speakers at the audio shop (with my benchmark Dire Straits cd) but there are just too many variables to determine how any of them will sound in my vehicle.
I am leaning toward the Infinity coaxial based on what I have read on this message board. I may be able to fit Infinity components but they are twice the price (would they be twice as good?) and I have heard that the low-end Infinity components are not necessarily the best.

I am looking for an opinion from the Great Lakes State.

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The RF's arent too shabby, I have them installed in the front of my integra. I wish they were in the back though so I can hear the low freq...

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The Infinity's strike me. None of them will have really good bass, so I'd focus on clarity. Infinities tend to have a really nice mid and high end. Kickers have never really impressed me, with the exception of the Resolution component set. Rockford Fosgate has really lost it's quality in the past few years.

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You don't say what brand or year of truck your extended cab is? I have a 98' F150 and I was able to put 6.5" Crystal components in the doors (the come with a double set of spacers to lift them off the door frame if needed). The speakers sound great (high pass set at 100 on deck)

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Thanks for the suggestions! I went with the Infinity 6.5 shallow 2-way and they sound great. Lots of highs and clarity. I looked at the Infinity components but I couldn't justify doubling the cost.

It figures, now that I have good sound in front, the bass in the rear of my '92 Ford Ranger is lacking and I will have to address that. I will probably leave the rear stock 6x8's alone and look at the Basslinks or the Bazooka amplified 8" tube to up the bass. I am making the assumption that I can feed both the tube and the rears from same rca out from my Eclipse HU (only 2 rca outs).
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