Boss Good or Bad


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Username: Kaprese

Walstonburg, NC USA

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Whats going on people a friend of mines just got 2 15" Boss Choas subs rated at 500rms a piece and 120oz magnet they hit alright from what I have heard so far but is this name brand garbage and would it be on the pyle,sony,and lanzar level of garbage ?

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garbage. been here since march, you ever hear them recommended?

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Username: Carguy

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Every noobie falls for Pyle/Sony/Pyarmid/Boss cause of their bs and low prices. The good news is, most learn from their mistakes and stay away.
The bad news is, there's a sucker born every minute.

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Username: Jemone

Stone Mountain, Georgia United States

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Boss is okay. Most companies outsource to china any way so alot of stuff is about the same.

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Username: Cblaze

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never heard boss mentioned on here besides the amps,save up and get better,like isaac said everybody has fallen for there cheap prices,they just blow

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Username: Mark872

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My first cd player i ever bought was boss..and also was my last Boss product i ever bought. They just suck.

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Username: Nd4spd18

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Boss = crap

as everyone has said

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Username: Hurricanebr1an

Western Burbs of Chicago, IL Usa

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Can't beat the price though.

I'm running a Soundstorm (made by BOSS) amp and have been waiting for it to die and it hasnt since May.

Of course, it doesnt do rated power.

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Username: Loc_out

Santa Ana, Ca Resonant Eng...

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i can't believe this question is being asked.

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Username: Vtouch06

Q-TowN, PA

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LMAO, r u serious dude? BOSS audio?? haha....*chuckles*
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