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So there are three main types right, ported, sealed and bandpass. from what i've read Bandpass boxes are the best as they give the best of both sealed and ported but tend to be bigger.

From the looks of it majority of people here have a ported box is there any reason for this. Is what i've read wrong?

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bandpass to me i can't here a difference. you're paying alot of money for a huge box that i couldnt tell much of a change from. JMO
ported normally = louder plus most of the subs that the guys on here have are better off ported

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There is no one particular enclosure as one be better than another because each enclosure type produces a bass responses and output unique to both the sub/enclosure.

With sealed and ported enclosure's the design of the enclosure can be altered to attenuate how the bass response sounds within frequency ranges that want or don't want to be heard coupled with the output response.

Bandpass enclosure's offer no such flexibility in design of the sub/enclosure which most of this type enclosure operate/function within a very narrow and define frequency range and the output response cannot compete with that of a ported enclosure.

Not to mention, bandpass enclosure have to be built exactly to the spec's stated and if they are not, they sound like azz.

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yea right woodlawn like youy know anything about boxes.:-)

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depends on the type of bandpass :-) .. 4th order get louder than a regular ported box.. but a 1 note wonder

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some good points have been raised and from the sounds of it, it seems that Ported is the way to go. It will save me a heck of a lot of room when i'm putting this all together.

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Ported = way better than bandpass, and more output than sealed. Thats why everyone uses them.

Most bandpass boxes sound like complete crap as they create a peak at one note. The ones that are designed correctly don't give any real gain over a ported box.

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Woodlawn answer FTW!!! lol he knows what he's talking about...
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