Check out this dudes windsheild!!!


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Username: Jemone

Stone Mountain, Georgia United States

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Registered: Jan-06
This might be old but doogggone!!!

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Username: Vtouch06

Q-TowN, PA

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Registered: Nov-07
damn, thats crazii, im suprised the windshield didnt crack

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Username: Cblaze

Rock island, Tenesssee Us

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them tc subs must handle some massive killowatts,every video ive seen that had them in it,they were literally tearing the car apart

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Username: Naledge503


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He has 2 LMS 18's in an Eclipse, of course its gonna do some sh!t like that lol. Those subs are badass. And there are some other video's of that same vehicle where it does crack the windshield.

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Username: Nyyfan13


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Decent little system I guess lol

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Username: Jakeyplaysbass


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the impressive part to me is how small the box messing around with 2 18s right now and the smallest i could do my box and keep and normal sound curve was 12.5cubes.

that box looks like its 6 or 7 tops.

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Username: Jkidder

Gunshine , State Flawda

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Registered: Nov-05
how do you know his has any type of decent curve whatsoever?

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Username: Big_edge_head

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

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Registered: Mar-07

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Username: Jakeyplaysbass


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ha im sure he doesnt, it probably sounds awful. i guess well never know tho.

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Username: Jkidder

Gunshine , State Flawda

Post Number: 2878
Registered: Nov-05
"If I stay around 12V I will be getting 9000 rms out of each set strapped @ 1 ohm."

saying that about 2 sundown 3k's. i had to call him out
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