Cellular / Mobile Phone Interface for Car Audio


Steven Lim
I am searching for an integrated car audio / mobile telephony solution, but I still need to find out a lot of information.

I am aware of some models of Blaupunkt available in Europe which have a GSM mobile phone unit built into the receiver itself. This is great in itself, but... I would rather have just one mobile phone to use whether I am riding in my vehicle, walking or staying put somewhere other than my own home or in my own vehicle.

I really see the benefit of not having to divert one's attention from the all-important task of driving oneself safely, something which mobile phones do compromise when they are used while driving. But a typical handsfree kit for the more recent mobile phone models I believe is inadequate. One reason is the clarity of the phone call audio.

Now this situation could be changed if there were ways for the phone to rest in a fixed cradle while in the car and at the same time being able to channel the conversation (therefore both reception and transmission) through the car audio system through some sort of interface. Even with just stock or average speakers in your vehicle, I am sure that the volume would be increased such that it would positively affect the clarity of the conversation.

Are there any models out there which can provide this sort of interface for a mobile phone? I am also aware of a few new car receiver models which automatically mute the music when a mobile phone call is received, but I am not sure if these models also allow the user to listen to the conversation through the car audio system.

There are add-ons to mobile phones which are essentially mini-speakers to be installed as a secondary audio system for the hands-free use of a mobile phone within a vehicle. However, I think it would be absolutely great if there were a car receiver which could actually allow a user to listen to the conversation through the regular car audio speakers. That would also mean that there will be some sort of microphone that will allow the user to speak to the other party.

So, if there is anyone out there with information regarding this pursuit of mine, I would certainly appreciate any help.

Steven Lim
Manila, Philippines

steven, most alpine decks have a mute option, that allows you to have your music muted when you recive a call, and there are lots of solutions for a fixed cradle and speaker system, pana-wise is a good company to deal with, as far as having your calls through your stereo there are no systems out there that i know of. One reason being is that a factory antenna is not capable of using cell phone signals, even BMW have to have another antenna with their factory cell phones.
Hope i was helpful let me know of anymore questions.
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