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I recently ordered a combo kit on ebay for $560.00. I can still decline it.

I was wondering if you guys think this is a good idea. I was also wondering if it will last a long time.

the combo pack is a PAIR 12" P3D412 and a p500-2 amp.

People told me they will pound, But im hesitant on getting it because if something blows on it, then im f\/cked.

They are brand new but i never bought anything off ebay so thats half the reason why im scared.

Thanks for any help here guys.

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hmmm, ordered the stuff and then you ask about it. not the best thing to do imo if you're not sure.

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u over paid but its all good...

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On the top of my head. Two alpine type R's d4's and a hifonics bx1606D would be better for that price range :-). You get more power, better subs. I would highly decline that package deal.

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bad choice never buy combo packs on ebay. lol purchasing seperate is better!

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Why dont you ever buy combo packs from ebay? The amp, and 2 subs are brand new, so it would be like buying them seperate.

did anyone have any personal experience with buying subs or amps off ebay from wholesalers who have a bulk amount. Do they last like they should?


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bought an earthquake amp the thing worked great.

but i still wouldnt buy that theres better for the money

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Well I've had P3s...they're alright, but not the greatest. You can do better for the money.

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i buy everything off of ebay, but i never buy the combo packs....

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I have had p3s before to and agree that they are a bit pricey but if you are going to have to pay to ship them back you might as well keep em

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That amp will not push those either. You will need twice the power. I would decline, and then all of us on ecoustics can help you find a better system at a lower price.

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decline if you can

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chad marshall

AudioQue HDC3 15" Dual 2ohm $239+$40 for shipping.

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thx guys
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