Need headunit suggestions help me out


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ive been looking around and sadly so far the pioneers look like the best deal but im afraid to buy one because of the rca issues...anyway if anyone has any input on that or on another brand and model please chime in

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all they have is a weak rca ground meaning if you plug in the rca while the units on, it will blow and youll have to get it long as you only plug in or unplug the rca's while the unit is off, you will have NO problems...

get the pio hands down

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Yep, pioneers have all sorts of issues. I've seen stuff other than the RCAs too.

Clarion, Alpine, JVC, Eclipse make some great HUs

I have this one:

5 volt outputs and front panel USB. Kick azz.

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Never had one issue with my Premier 780 and neither have my three friends that bought the same model after they saw/heard mine. I also know several people that have the 880 and 690 and have zero problems. It is getting to the point where people here are using second and even third hand hearsay (as usual) in telling people not to buy them. Stupid. So go get an Alpine or Eclipse and be happy with second best.

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i have the 680mp from cal, and it works great

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Try first hand. I've seen more than I can count with the RCA problem, and a few with other problems.

But get whatever you want.

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ya mine has bad rca outs right now.i had to switch to the line level hookup on my amp...dont sound near as lookin for a new deck too,but was plannin on goin back with pioneer,either 3900 or 4900.

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i love my pio 7800
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