Need help with sony Xplod!


i have been helpin my friend put a system in his truck.he has a sony xplod cdx-4000.i've been having a couple of problems with it.i hooked up an amp and one 500 watt 12 inch speaker to it and it sounds good and works fine on the radio but when i switch it to cd the speakers still work but the amp and sub don't turn on.i don't know wut the problem is.i have the amp lead wire hooked up right the power and the negative it jus won't work for the cd's.i was also wondering if anyone knew how to turn the att on with this unit theres no direct button but i know it has it.any information will help.thanks


Does the cd player have sub woofer control? It might be turned off for the cd setting, i don't know about the att though

you probobly wired the amp to antena out on the head unit you need to wire it from the remote on wire wich is usually blue if you do have it wired to the blue one there might be another one that isnt for the antenna because sometimes there both blue
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