Is my capacitor too small?


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I just installed an Infinity Basslink II system (with add-on 4sc Amp) in my '02 Acura CL, running it off of the factory head unit. The Basslink II is powered by its own 250 watt amp and the 4sc putts out a total of 200 watts (50x4) making the total system 450 watts. I also installed a .5 farad capacitor just for shyts and giggles.

When I listen to music at high volume the system sometimes shorts or fades out, always at the point of a heavy bass note. I don't listen to music that loud very often, but when I do I'd rather this new system not crap out at high volume even with all the gain level set to their mid-point.

Could my .5 farad capacitor be the problem? Should I run the system straight from the batter since it's not a very large system? Should I just get a larger capacitor? Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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Capacitor is useless so get rid of that.

With only 450 watts your stock alternator should be ok. I would guess that your gain is set too high. Turn it down
(higher number on the dial) and see if it doesn't cut out anymore.

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You should also check your ground wire and make sure it's not seeing a lot of resistance because what you're describing should not be happening,is the amplifier heating up on that basslink sub?You're probably pushing it too hard and are possibly sending a clipped signal to the sub.

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I agree, you may need to turn the gains down and check the power/ground connection. 500 watts should not be causing issuse on a stock alt/bat.
And .5 fared is fine. As a guide 1 fared per 1000 watts.

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dude, if the bass is pumping at low volumes then youre gain is probably set too high which is causing the sub to heat up and subsequently cut out out. i'm guessing that it fades back in after a minute or two yeah?

in any case i doubt that its the power supply

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Thanks for the replys. I just got back from a business trip so I haven't tried any of your suggestions yet, but will soon.

Walye Jahedi, yes it will fade back in after a few seconds, if the volume isn't too high. I don't think I'm overheating the amp though cause it will do the fade out thing as soon as I turn on the car, if the volume is up and the song has a strong bassline.

Rob, I'll double-check the ground since that sounds like a reasonable cause.

I'll also try bypassing the capacitor since the consensus is the car bat should be sufficient.

Thanks again. I'll let you kids know the results.

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you need a stronger charging system and a capacitor can't fix that.
you need to consider an upgrade to both alternator and battery.
also set amp gains properly. don't max them out.
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