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I know this might seem like a dumb question, but I don't want to make any assumptions.

Let's say you have a dual 1 ohm sub and a dual 4 ohm sub, you put the dual 1's in series and the dual 4's in parallel, both making a two ohm load.

Would the dual 1 sub be louder than the dual 4 sub on the same amp? I know voltage is conserved in parallel but current is conserved in series, as the electricity flows through every bit of wire. Current=power=decibels?

That kinda makes sense to me as the overall resistance is lower.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

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i think your thinking of when batteries are wired in parrallel or series, that affects volts. when dealing with subs it doesn't matter how there wired as long as its the right ohm for the amp, so dvc1 and dvc4 wired to 2ohms one won't be louder than the other. hope that helps.

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Helps a bunch, thank you.

Now I can look at a lot more possibilities.

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as long as every other parameter of each sub is the same as it's counterpart, then yes they will represent the same load, and thus be the same volume at a given power input.

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not sure in your case but... if you mix subs say one is 8 ohm and one is 2 ohm and they are wired in paralell the 2ohm sub will see more power then the 8ohm sub i believe but the amp will still see the load of them added togethor just that the power will have more resistance going threw the high resistant coils so the lower ohm sub will consume more of the power i never actually tested this... but from what ive learned in electric class any circuits runnning in parallel with other resistors of varying size the lower one always consumed more power....
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