What ohm rating for subwoofer with constant output amp?


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I have a brand-new Alpine PDX 1.600 amp. It puts out 600 watts at either 2 ohms or 4 ohms and I'm trying to match it to an appropriate subwoofer. (I'm only going to buy one subwoofer, btw.)

If changing the resistance has no effect on wattage supplied to the sub, would it be better to have the amp "see" a 2 or 4 ohm load? I'm thinking that a 4 ohm load would be better because it would require less current. Less current equals less heat and less wear-n-tear on the amp and the charging system. Am I right or wrong?

(Obviously, I would select a subwoofer with the appropriate voicecoil configuration so that the resistance would be what I want it to be.)

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yes the 4 ohm load would be better for an output-regulated amplifier.

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4ohm will use just as much current as the 2ohm would im pretty sure; it puts out the same power just cleaner power with lower thd. Regulated power supplys just dont let the amp pull more power when the resistance drops it ussualy is set at the max output of an amp running at 4ohms or so

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I though that the lower the ohms the more power your getting. I mean i seen a whole bunch of specs where they have different RMS ratings at different ohms.

didn't know the amp draws the same power at different ohms though

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re se

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That amp has regulated output meaning it puts out the same power at different impedances.

Like glasswolf said a 4 ohm load is better, even though you will get the same power.


What you said is ture only for unregulated amplifiers. (which most are)
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