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Hey fellas, just bought a Phase Linear UV8 indash tv, its a really nice unit and feels good quality even though PL is a subsidiary of jensen, or vice versa, i got a nice deal, paid 325 with a warranty and tax at a reputable shop so i'm happy....

this isn't a "why the hell did you buy POS Jensen?" thread because i had a premier 680 and if i wanted i coulda gotten a 780 yadda yadda whatever....

Buuuuutt, im not too experienced installing indash tv's...

i got it in an working and everything adn was wondering how to hook it up to watch dvd's in motion (drive, etc.)....i know it's easy and i know basically everyone does it with ever dvd capable indash, but i do not know how.

A little help would be MUCH appreciated and would go along way even if ya just point me in the right direction, a little guidance would help...

thanks guys...

p.s. go tribe....

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did u hook it up to ur e brake? ...

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why the hell did you buy POS Jensen?

To answer your question, on some units you can just connect the e-brake wire to ground instead of the e-brake. On other untis that say you have to push the e-brake 2 or 3 times, you have to connect a button switch inline on that wire. Read the manual to find out.

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i have a pull ebrake, but im gonna take a picture of the wiring diagram once i get back from sat's

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the cable for the brake i think is yellow or yellow with black i dont remeber correctly i think maybe pink anyway the wire for the brake put it ont he ground and it should work :-)

if is a steps of brake moves then you willneed to isntall toggle switches sicne if is this style comes with 2 wires one for the hand brake and the other for the pedal brake

but is the first option take the brake wire and connect it to a ground source

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never mind guys

i just grounded the ebrake wire to my other grounds and read up on how to find a hidden menu and override the brake switch!

thanks for offering though!
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