Best budget sq setup?


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lookin for a setup for my friend... hes lookin for 2 12's and wants pure sq with sum bump to it. he wants 1000rms and he hasnt bought anyting yet so whole system ideas would be best.. thanks

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Two Infinity Kappa Perfects and the Phoenix Gold R15.0;1.

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pure sq cant beat RD Classics. i run 2 of them myself...highly recommended. then find an amp 800-1K wrms...that package deal is perfect^^

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If he's looking for great sq I've got to ask, what does his mid-range look like? The front stage is much more important to sq than the substage.
Sound deadening? What's his budget like?

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hm yea thats true. i rly dont know how everything is. hes buying a ford explorer and they have decent speakers. but they dont have anything big that will hit the mids.. im going to tell him to buy some dynamat.. but for his budget i think hes aiming low because he doesnt know what a decent sounding system is so when he hears prices he thinks their high when they are just avarage

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damn guys is lowhz cutting you a check everymonth for all this advertizing :-)
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