Got alil DD order in today :-)


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A few DD subs and mids came in today. Getting some components and amps in bout a week.

Only 500's, 1500, 2500's, CX's...nothing big really.

Fun fun :-)

Those DDCX6x9's are nice man...looks are VERY plain, but the mid-bass response is GREAT! Amazing 6x9's for the price if you are looking for alot of midbass. Be ready to get a good amp on them though, they did little to nothing running off the just an HU....they like power :-)

I think i'm going have to put a C1a and a set of DDC6.5 components in my truck now.

Oh and Pics of the sound room build coming soon!
Just a lil 12' x 8' sound room, but at least we will have a sound room. Just started framing it up today.

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email me at jkidder01 @

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A little order lol. You are getting spoiled Marshall

If you haven't thought of it already, and since you are building a room from scratch, make each opposing wall (and the roof if possible) non-parallel to avoid standing waves and greatly increase the sound quality and accuracy of the room.

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pics? : )

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i would love sum dd 6x9's
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