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So what am I missing? I have been hearing on CA.com that eD is terrible??? Any help would be great before I buy from them.

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From what I understand is that they dont back their products like they say they do. They have a, our products are superior and perfect and never should fail, kind of attitude. Its always the customers fault if something goes wrong with a product. These are not my view as I have never handled any eD products, so i dont know personally. But I have read things like this on a couple of different forums.

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i just bought 2 subs from them... havent had any problems with anything..... there chat line helped me out alot and even when i could reach them on the line... they emailed me back....

i even messed up on my order and i didnt send the money the right way through paypal and he helped me out right on the spot and got it to me....

i feel confiedent with them i plan on buying a total of 14 subs from them (all ehqs) so i dont see anything wrong with them

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Fredericksburg, Virginia United states

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Lol u know whuts funny int tha corner of my window theres a add for a ED sq 10 from amazon for 30$ and its a pic of a square sub with just ED on it

http://ecoustics.shopping.com/xPC-Elemental-Designs-SQ10~PD-43766901~FD-422~kwor g-43766901~kw-43766901~linkin_id-3057240~DMT-1~VK-

This 10" subwoofer features a 4-ohm voice coil. This versatile square sub houses a polymer cone, durable rubber surround, and heavy motor structure in a sturdy steel basket for powerful bass. Perimeter venting pumps hot air away from the extra-long voice coils for cooler operation and lower distortion.

its def not on there site well i havent seen it LOL

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i heard ed wasnt all that well,and if they dont back up there stuff dont try it cuz every company has bad stuff,nobody is perfect

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I emailed them and they responede within a day when i was having trouble with my amp and they even said if it still wouldn't work i could send it to them for repairs they never said how much though...

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They have improved their customer service alot in the last year. Ben is known to be kind of a jerk but he is also smart enough to relegate his authority to people who aren't. You gotta give props to a young guy that had the vision and drive to create a company that does really well design and money-wise...

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I own a NINe.4 and an EHQS12. I'm very impressed with both products, found the customer service to be fine. I'm fine with them. Try ordering something cheap, and draw your own conclusions.

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i have a nine.1, a nine.4, some teklite, and an 11kv.2 and i'd buy from them again any day of the week

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ED rocks man... had an amp that blew (nine.1) i sent it back and they sent me another...no question

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they gave me free stickers so im happy. put it in the lil comments thing when i ordered my edead as kind of a joke. and got some. well the proly do that with every order though. =\

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I didn't get free stickers... BAST@RDS!!! F.CK ED!

jp of course.
gotta remember that for next time, though. Thanks, man.

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ive had 4 of there 16OV.2s for over 2 years now. i blew one of them finally but it was getting 2.5 times the RMS so what do you expect. however, there great subs for the price.

i also have 6 ED amps...never had a problem with any of them other than when i strapped them wrong. it was completely my fault yet they sent me a brand new NINe.1. it does take along time for them to repare there subs and amps, but usually they just send you a new one which is worth the wait.

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I just bought my third amp from them. I've had my NINe.2x and NINe.1 two tears now. Both developed problems. However, I sent them both back for repair and the quickly sent me new amps. No complants there.
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