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Hey guys, i am sorta a noob in the car audio department. i just bought a 2 week old 13.5in W7 supposably and the guy said he hasn't been running it more then a quarter of gain on the 1000/1 amp that i got with it. anyway tho i want to make sure that i will not blow my sub or destory it in any away becuase i am dropping 1100 bucks on a slightly used sub and amp. my car is a 2004 audi a4 with 120amp altenator. i getting a pioneer avic-d3 hu to control everything.
1. i was wondering if i should get 2Gauge wires to hook up my system

2. do you guys think i should get a cap cuz i've heard mixed answer and im still confused about getting one.

3. the break in period of this W7 the guy told me it still is in it and i was wondering lets say this guy is lying to me about how he handeld the sub. do you guys think if he was hitting hard with the sub that it could be in bad shape if it was hitting hard within the first 2 weeks of this sub.

4. do you guys think a 120 amp altenator will be fine? and should i upgrade my battery at all(380 CCA battery) thats the kind of battery i have.

5. any other things i should know or do for my system.

sorry for being such a noob but i want to get pro opinions on this becuase i am spending alot of money on this and i just want to make sure i have everything right the first time and not have anything fail on me when im listening to it.

one final thing. i was reading about how if you listen to ur sub for an hour or longer at high volumes that you should give it a 10 minute low volume session. please let me know all about this.

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With those subs you should be fine... Theyy are supposed to take 1000/1 each (I didn't understand whether you said you had two or one). In the case that you have two of these amps, which youll need to get full potential from those subs, you will need at to upgrade your big three and get a couple batteries for the back, or get an HO alternator. In any case, I would run two gauge or zero gauge, because you might want to upgrade later. As for running them low volume after high volume; it's not really necessary.

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yea its only 1 W7 not 2 that would be overkill in my car i think i 13.5 W7 is all i need

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your alternator should be fine

might want to do the big 3 (google it). if you start seeing too much voltage drop (you shouldn't though) then i'd think about upgrading other things, otherwise i think your good to go

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Yeah you should be fine. That amp does 1000rms at 1.5-4ohms and from 11v-14.5v. So your voltage would have to drop real loooooww.
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