Will this sub put out 1300wRMS??


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Username: Jtinordi77

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Does anybody know if this sub will put out the 1300wRMS like it says it will?

Lanzar OPTI1532D 15" 1300W RMS Die-Cast Aluminum Subwoofer

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Username: Kyle_lowe

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you like it will handle 1300 rms??

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Username: Philly306

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i hope you didn't already buy that

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Username: Somedonniedude

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bridge that sub and you might get 2600wrms out of it!!!

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Username: Philly306

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dont be a d!ick hes just new. we were all there at some point. except for me i was born with car audio knowledge

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yo jarred....that sub will probably blow on 1300 real much money do you to spend on a sub?

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jarred, subs dont put out power. that is the amount of power the sub can take from an amp....but like stated above that sub probably can not take 1300rms as claimed

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Username: B3n07

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man yall if his subs are putting out power then i want a pair of them dam i am wasting my money buying amps

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Username: Th3pwn3r

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Username: Johnfiac

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Just to clear things up for the new guy, the only thing that will affect the power the sub is getting is how you wire it vs. what the amp is rated at. OHM wise. But i dont think it will handle 1300rms either.
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