Fi SSD vs. Eclipse 8200 vs. RE SE12 vs. soundstream tarantula


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I'm trying to decide on what to get.
-using a3000db (overrated but still overpowering these subs so I could run at 2ohm instead of 1ohm if too much power)
-.9cuft enclosure for each 12" sub

Some of the Subs I've been looking at are:

Fi SSD 12"
-both would cost $380 shipped
-1600 rms total

Eclipse 8200's 12"
-both would cost $375 shipped
-1340 rms total

RE SE12's 12"
-both would cost $340 shipped
-1200 rms total

Soundstream Trantula T5 12"
-both would cost $255 shipped
-1800 rms total

I'm looking to have a good amount of bass, but not lacking in the quality department.

Any suggestions on any of these? Or suggest any subwoofers I didn't list, I dont mind.

Thanks for any help.

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i'd go eclipse, RE, SS, FI in that order, might also wanna look at AA arsenal.

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The SE and SSD were designed by the same person. The SSD is a newer and improved design, with options, would make no sense to get the RE.

If you decide not go get the SSD, the Eclipse is a very good driver also.

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i personally would get they sound cleaner than my ssd's did....umm never heard the eclipse, but i think you can eliminate the soundstreams...defly look into some AA's....btw i got my SI BMs for 340 shipped and they can take like 1300 rms total

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Do you think the Eclipse's would sound good in a .9 cu ft sealed enclosure each? also, has anyone heard it? I know it's supposed to be up there with the best in SQL, but how loud are they?

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