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i have a hifonics titan 1505d and i kept blowin fuses so i got it checked and they said because the connection was not secure it kept going into protection, and now it doesent work, is there of fixing the amp? reason i dont get another is because i dont have money for a new amp

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try re-wiring your vehicle, make sure there are no pinches or exposed wire, make sure you ground is grounded somewhere where there is no paint on the metal, you just want bare metal. make sure your power fuse is the correct size, etc.

unless its fried, then I don't know.

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im pretty sure you blew the output channell...


because you might put a really small fuse and a small gauge cable to that amp... and you turned the gain and/or bass boost clipping the amp to death

DID you put a 150 amp fuse with a 0 gauge or atleast 2 gauge wire????

DID you had a good stable ground???

DID you had resonable charging upgrades for that amp??? at least the big 3 done???

DID you set up the gains correctly???

because u said you kept on blowing that means that you had bad electrical wiring going to the amp and the amp was stressing and pretty much u turned up the gain and made the amplifier clipped to death...

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yeah why did you keep pushing the amp the way you did if it had already clipped at least once, that's enough to fry an amp. get someone to reset your gains correctly, and try again, hopefully it isn't dead already.
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