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My deh-880 H/U supports a 3-way network(3 dedicated amps:components, rear fill, sub). Sounds like the way to go for ultimate control of your system. My question is would it be better to get 2 kicker 200.2 amps in addition to my 2500.1 and run the network, or just get like a kicker 850.4 to run all the cabin speakers and not run a network.

Its confusing to me cause the manny says w/ the network you can control each speakers freq. individually. Isnt that the case anywayz when you set the feq. and slopes in the normal mode?

And would it be good for a sql based system to have tweets in the rear or would this just fu(k the sound up in the front?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just tryin to figure out what to do so I can hurry up and order this sh!t.

Here's what I got:
2 12" FI Q


Kicker zx2500.1

Still need:

Speakers either focal, rainbow, pioneer something like that. I don't live near any good car audio places so I can't listen to them. Sucks going off opinion but its all I got so any comments are appreciated.

Amps will be Kicker

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dunno but i think the 4 channel's just like having a pair of 2 channels in one chassis so it should be the same either way. you'll have 4 rca's going to one amp or 2 rcas each, to 2 amps.

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That makes sense, the only diff then in install would be either 2 or 3 power wires after the distro block.
Can I ground all the amps to a common spot?

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I may be asking stupid questions and that is why noone is answering me, but I read on another thread that it is not good to ground amps to a common ground. Is this true or bullsh!t?

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try to ground all amps to one spot. This will help eliminate ground loop noise. When running multple amps, use a D-block on the ground, so theres just one grounding spot.
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