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Hey, I just got my amp for my subs. And now I want to get everything installed. So I was wondering, do you guys think I can do it myself, the installation. I never had any type of experience of doing this kind of stuff. But if I had a DIY from the net u think I can do it? LIKE I SAID NO EXPERIENCE WHAT SO EVER.

BTW, It's for a Jetta MK4. Don't know how long this will take me. hahaha

if you have a local car audio shop i would have it done there. make sure that they have an MECP certified installer first. then you will have it in right and no chance of burning up anything.

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its pretty easy to do it your self but take Anon's advice. The hook up is easy.. the tricky part is hiding all the wires. Kinda hard to get a girl in the back seat when you have wires running everywhere. Thats not safe sex. Plus MECP installer are fully insured in the case of mishaps. (fires, damages)

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i spent just about 2 full days to install a new head unit, 4 speakers, 2 subs, 2 amps and a cd changer. this was my very first install, but i'm pretty comfortable with this kinda thing.

i had the master sheet from crutchfield which didn't help any more than the free instructions i got from

use this site to help figure what size cables and fuses you need:

This site has a lot of good info:

when you buy an amp kit (i got a good one from wal-mart, others suggest online sites for just a little more in price), you'll get instructions on how to install the amp. don't forget to disconnect the negative battery cable before starting. the instructions told me to drill through the firewall near the battery (for the power cable), but i called circuit city for help. the guy asked if i had an automatic, "yes", he said to look for a certain spot above the brake pedal where there's already a cut-out and a rubber grommet. so easy, no drilling.

just read up, get help on the boards, post how you intend to set everything up, get feedback, and then have fun.

i feel very satisfied with having done the install myself, and i saved hundreds of dollars. and now i know my car inside and out, so when i do upgrades, it'll be so quick.

good luck.

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Yeah, also a problem with installing yourself is if you didn't buy some kind of in store warranty from a dealer, a lot of companies will not warranty a product that was not installed by an authorized dealer. Most problems in products occur from installation issues, especially on quality amps and subs that will last long.

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Alright thx for the feedback guys. And I do agree with Jason, It's not safe sex if I can't hide the wires.
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