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I was searchin'around for a good amp and I went to the MTX webpage and stumbled upon something that I hadn't deen before, the MTX website comparing their Thunder amps to the R.F. Punch amps. Well, from what they say there, it seems as though they do have a point.

I was wondering what you people thought about MTX and how "in raelity" MTX stands up to R.F. or the others for that matter. Another curious thing that I discovered was that the sensitivity ratings on the MTX subs are very high, well above the 90dB level, wich compared to Kicker subs for example, is way out there. Is the sensitivity parameter a crucial parameter to take in account when choosing a sub. I am asking cuz I was thinking on getting the Kicker subs cuz I've heard nothing but good things about'em. But if MTX is better.....

Oh here's a MTX vs. JL sub head to head:

So what's the deal, is MTX good or just hype?

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ok on the amps, aside from their comparison, yes I like MTX's amplifiers quite a bit. They are a step above RF's current stuff in my opinion, but both are good products for their price. Basically if the two were side by side on a shelf and I had to pick one, I'd grab the MTX amp but I wouldn't be upset if I had to take the RF instead. Either will serve it's purpose, but I feel more comfy with the MTX.

Now, that said, don't get misled by sensitivity ratings. that spec is pretty much meaningless when you deal with subwoofers as the measurement is only accurate and viable when you're dealing with speakers with under 100 watts of power on average. If you're going to look at a sub amp, look at things like damping factor, RMS output, and features like subsonic filter, crossover, etc.

Now, about that JL comparison. there was a 150+ post thread here on that.. It comes down to this:
MTX compared the smallest subs. The problem is that JL's W7 line increases specs considerably, whereas things like Xmax don't change much for the larger MTX models.. end result, when you get to the 13W7, it'll beat teh MTX hands down.
Now, both again are good subs, and with the MTX being so much cheaper, for teh money, it's a viable solution, but I wouldn't put one against a W7 and ask which is better regardless of price.. JL will win there. The 13W7 for example has a 32mm one0way Xmax, where the MTX is around 23mm if I recall. I have the spec sheets on the computer somewhere..
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