Installed the 12W7 now just have a few questions


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alright i built my own 1.75cuft box ported and have a few questions. i have had a few systems and they have all been in a sealed box. now i deffiantly noticed the difference the W7 has amazing bass for a 12 speaker but sometime it sounds as loud as my 2 15 arsenals but the arsenals were in a sealed enclosure. my 15's deffiantly rattled the car a lot more but i am wondering if that is because they were in a sealed box? i remember someone on this forum awhile back saying a sealed box vibrates the car more but that dosnt neccessarily mean it is louder decibal wise im wondering if that could be the case.
Also i had the W7 hooked up to a 500/1 thats gain is set to about 35,36 volts with no bass boost turned up and all the knobs set to JL's recomendations. Now i noticed a smell which was pretty strong coming from the port ya know the smell when a woofer is either being broken in orrrr is blowing which kind of scares me considering its an expensive speaker and i would rather be safe then sorry. i remember my arsenals doing this for some time i felt the cone area but it wasnt hot it was a little warm from the heat of the car but nothing that would cause me to worry. im wondering if it could have a problem with it but it really shouldnt seeing how the 500/1 isnt overpowering it and i havnt noticed any clipping. thanks for any help better safe then sorry.

ps: im really please with the W7 for a 12 inch sub i never would have thought it would come close to my 2 15's. also is there anything else i should know about haveing a W7 and a ported box any precations that i should take note of?

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the W7 likes sealed more than ported.
will retain more SQ and only lose slight sound pressure.


sounds like your sub is simply being broke in. the excess glue is melting most likely. as long as the cone is getting super hott your ok.

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thanks yea the cone isnt getting superhot and for some reason its louder then when i put it in which makes me think it is just getting broken in still scares me though i hate that smell. and thanks chad i love that site i didnt know if they had anything on it usually i check it out first but there so much info on there that i figured id get a faster reply from a post then checking it out. i have learned a lot from that site though and here too. i went from a bazooka amplifier and a 2 dual speakers to arsenals and now JL so ive come a long way. the sad thing is i thought the Dual's were the sh** back in the day funny now lol

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chad lee...that is such a quote to live by
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