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Ok I was wondering how I would need to wire this up. Can I run a direct line from my battery to the amp (fused) of course, or do I need a distro block? From the amp to the crossover to the speakers I can just use like 14 gauge copper speaker wire right? I have 4 gauge wire already to my sub amp, I don't know if using a distro block will pull too much power from the amp. Will an 8 ga amp kit fit my needs, or should I just order a power wire, fuse and ground wire?

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Adding a distro block will not draw any more power than it would if you had two separate wires. You can do whatever you want though 8 gauge should be fine for most component amps how much power RMS wise is that amp? And yes, 14 gauge would be fine for the speaker wire.

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well i have 4 ga running to my phoenix gold 600.1, if i put a distro block there and have a 4 ga and an 8 ga run off of that it wont draw power away from my pg amp? Its a kicker kx150.2 rated at 210w. its not a huge power consumption, I just dont want it to rob my other amp. I'm just gonna pick up a 8ga amp install kit off knukonceptz for 20$ and just run it independently.

Is a kx150.2 gonna deliver some clean power? I'm going for a budget SQ install and its gonna be powering RSD 6.5" components. I'm assuming this isnt the best choice amp for SQ, but it will get the job done on a budget right?
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