Which would be loudest...?


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i no everyone hates these kinda questions cuz its hard to say and it depends on alotta stuff but just in general:

2 12" SD2.5's

1 9512

2 9510's

1 9515


i was thinking the one 9515 would be the loudest but would it be that much louder then a 9512. Also is 2800 too much for a 9512 daily? out of the bottom 3 which setup would you do? its gunna be for a chevy s10 extended cab truck

also i could wait for the HDC3 to come out and get a 15" of that.

i was kinda liking the idea of 2 10's or a 12 just cuz they take up less room but opinions?

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That 95 will take that daily no problem. I put 3k to my hd3's daily, just set the gain right :-).

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i like the idea of the 2 10s

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probably 2 10s, but you could give the pair a hell of a lot more power

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15 on 2800w would (all things equal) have more cone area and power than the other options, so it would be louder if done right.
why not 2 12 on 2800 instead of 2 10s? that would get my vote.

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nah dude go w/ 2 10's.

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Curve ball try a 15" or 18" RD elite SPL and Steve says they still sound good.
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