Soooo.....When I was driving today...


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I was thinking about something. The midbass and treble on my stock speakers are actually pretty loud like my review mirror moves slightly and it also sounds very good for what they are. So I was wondering because I know you are supposed to set the gain on your amp with everything at 0 but I have found it to be the best with my bass at -5 so that it does not distort when I turn it up loud. So if I set my gain with the bass that low will it be ok?? If I have the bass up any more my speakers start to sound bad and the only other option is cutting off the bass frequencies but then it feels like I am missing some notes.

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Sounds to me like a lack of power...but I'd have to be there...detecting problems is not as easy over the net through someone's description.

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I realize that the speakers are not going to get as loud as I want them because they are just stock and only getting a supposed 22 wrms. I am just trying to get the best sound that I can out of them. The treble does not distort at all up to volume 28-29 out of 35, but the bass starts to distort before that so I just turn that down. I dont have a sub or amp right now but when I had my 15 I just had the bass cut off from the headunit. But It always felt that I was missing some of the midbass so a lot of songs didnt sound the greatest, but when I have the bass on I get those notes that I was missing before.
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