Broken amp....Need help diagnosing it....


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Username: Kaimana

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the red thing i circled, the casing or whatever is coming up off of it and i can see the insulation(paper looking) and the amp stays in protect....sorry i don't know the names of all the the thingy i circled in red and white the capacitor???.just wondering what that is and about how much would it cost to repair it...or even better if anyone has any tips on how to repair it myself that would be awesome.....thanks in advance.....

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Username: Kaimana

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Registered: Feb-07

took picture of capacitor...

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Username: Kpa2727

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i'll tell you flat out i take no responseability for you actions but will give you advice. the capacitor is blown, it needs to be replaced the cap it'self can't be more then 5 or 15 bucks depending on the also has to be matched exactly to a T. but something caused it to blow, the only problem is if it blew ther is a chance it took out some resistors od a few other things with it. have professional look at it just in case.
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