Fan project today help plz!!!


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well since my old thread disapeard, anyone know how i can hook up a little 12v fan, up under my box to keep my amp cool cuz there is very little ventilation and it gets hot. and can i get the parts at BB or walmart?

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wire the - of the fan to the negative of the car charging system... the + will go to the remote or a small relay so it will turn when you turn on your amp or system... if your fan has like a yellow and red i think not sure on the colors one is like the turn on and the other one is the constant power

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to the - of the car charging system, meaning..... lol sorry im not the smartest, and wire the + into the remote, meaning juss cut the remote and wire nut the + of the fan and the 2 ends of the remote togther?

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run the yellow wire from the fan to the remote wire on ur amp... hook the black wire up to ur ground

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radio shack
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