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so i know u gotta do battery positive to alt positive, battery - to ground(chassis), engine ground to my question is im gunna go from the battery to the alt positive which covers one of them, but my uncle who is a mechanic told me i could go from the negative on the battery to the bolt where the alt mounts to the engine, and that would eliminate having to do the engine to that correct? i know its not hard to do the engine, jsut saving my self some time and some wire....

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alt to +
- to chassis
and then from the bolt where the alt hooks to the engine to the chassis. these r the easiest, most effective ways.

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ok thanks alot man....ill dot it tmrw after work, hopefully it helps alittle on the voltage im droping to around 13...even 12 sometimes at night when im at idle...but never goes bellow 12...ill get a ho alt soon,working something out with kevin from low hz right now, but first i need to buy my double din screen this week so i cna play cd's without my deck skipping lol...and during the day and night when im crusing around 1000-2000rpm im @ 14 all the time, so i jsut need some more amps at idle, which the ho alt fix...
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