Amp will not turn on?


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I've recently installed an amplifier into my car stereo system, but it seems my remote wire is not receiving power. I have checked my power wire and it is receiving voltage, and my ground is secure, but my amplifier does not turn on still. So the only thing left is the blue turn on wire. I have recrimped it twice, but there still was no voltage being read.
My question is, did I connect it correctly in the wiring harness when installing my reciever. My reciever is a JVC Arsenal Series KD-AR480. When I connected the old wires to the new wires in the harness, the blue remote lead wire did not have a counterpart. So I left it by itself and had it hanging out, so I could access it. What I did for the amplifier was connect the remote wire provided by me in the amp wiring kit to that hanging blue wire from the wiring harness.
Is this correct??
Was that blue wire from the harness supposed to be connected to a wire from my car's factory wires?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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for my JVC stereo when i installed it there was a wire harness with a couple of left over wies just hanging out. The one that i had to use for my amp was blue i believe with a strip but it had a tag on it that said something like remote wire or something like that but it was the only tagged wire there.

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Typically it is a blue wire used as a remote on most aftermarket wiring harnesses.

Are there any other wires left hanging?

You might have to install a manual switch, or run a wire to your fuse box, and then to your amp.

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i had the same problem with my kenwood i connected the remote to the blue wire nothing came on no voltage so i connected it to the red wire switched on power so now when my key is in the ignition on position the amp comes on sometimes however i do get a slight bass strike when the amp comes on but its only a second not sure if that will annoy you or not but its better then having no power to the amp in my opinion hope that helped

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Hey guys,
My bad, I let my friend put in the harness after I had connected all the wires, and I told him to leave the blue one bad there were 2 blue ones and he left the wrong one out. I looked in the back of my head unit and there was the remote wire, with a warning tag.

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i have the same problem almost I have a pioneer GM-520T amp and two 600 watt pioneer speakers i have the power wire hooked up and a good ground but it just wont work the light wont come on what is wrong people tell me it might be the remote wire but how do i fix that??
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