OT tank VS kimbo


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im wanting to see what everyone thinks about this fight on sep 14th. i sure hope tank tears kimbo up. hes a lil cocky poosy. i cant stand him. i was hoping ray would whoop him, but god forbid how is a 46 yr old gonna beat kimbo

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kimbo looked decent vs ray mercer. not gunna lie he looked alot better than i expected. he had nice takedown and escaped two holds by mercilis mercer. and not to mention he can throw hands with anyone he would come against. it would be a good fight but tank has tons more experience so id give him the edge.

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Tank is a terrible fighter.How many times have you seen the guy punch himself out?He just throws wildly and luckily connected at times.He has knockout power but he usually beats himself in his matches.I think Kimbo will be able to beat Tank because I think he's got more stamina but Kimbo has a lot of improving to do in MMA because he was putting himself into bad positions in that fight.Any REAL MMA would have made him tap.

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so when you guys say Kimbo, you talking bout that same Kimbo that does street fights or is it someone completely different??

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same kimbo. he went MMA against mercer.

tank is a bit on the older side as well. while i'd like to see tank knock out kimbo, i agree with Rob, it ain't happening. kimbo can throw with tank, so that'll be fun. but i think tank will do just that, tank. his stamina just won't be there. especially if kimbo trains like he did for mercer. he dropped 30pds for that fight.


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dude, Kimbo was a legend at my University. he will kill that other charlie, although to be honest, i aint seen many of either of they're fights but i'm rooting for Kimbo.

Dat reminds me, we used to call this one girl at Uni Kimbo aswell for some reason, she was like a really cute, sweet girl aswell <-- i know its off topic
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