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An American beat the Japanese guy by 3 hot dogs, 66 to 63, and set a new world record.

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damn thats alot of hot dogs.

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Yeah seen that on the news today. Kobayashi been champ for a while bout time someone beat him.

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kobeyashi is injured right now. no biggie tho he will eat 72 next yr

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lol he threw up everywhere lol

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he has a jaw injury im sure you are all aware of his medical situation. i love how ppl find it a huge deal he got beat once in his career. it was on sportscenter like 'the eating machine beaten finally" like he hasnt dominated the sport of eating the past 5 yrs. his jaw injury (misaligned wisdom teeth and arthritis of the jaw) is like jordan breaking his ankle half-way thru his carrer. or roger clemens tearing his shoulder. or gretzkey with 2 broken wrists. or emmitt smith tearing his ACL. give him a little time to recover so he doesnt irritate this into a career threatening injury and he will come back and shatter the record books.

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You know what's bad about the hotdog contest? Not one of them enjoys eating it!

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How do they fit all that in there
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