Kenwoods and kickers.


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i have a 12" CVR bandpass kicker and a 10" kicker with a 1800watt kenwood 9130D amp pushing them.

my amp keeps gettin real hot and cuts out for a few secs.... any ideas?

wiring to small? bigger gauge?

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its probably your ohms are set incorrectly i can almost guarantee it

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lol dumfuck

Do people just have to time to mess with us, or are these real serious people?

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well i dont kno much about systems.....

so what about the ohms?

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1>Not a good idea to mix different size subs
2>What do you mean a "bandpass" kicker, is it in a bandpass box?
3>IF you can tell us what ohms the voice coils on the subs are, and how many voice coils each one has, then we might be able to figure something out

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ok dum dum, your running a 1-0-i-n-c-h and a 1-2-i-n-c-h on ONE ! amp. u can't do that safely, i'll admit i ran 2 10's and 2 12's it kicked azz for what it was and my amp took it all with no problem. but u can't do that unless you want ur stuff to become trash. u have to run subs of the same size caus ethier ohm loads and wattages run different. having unbalenced setup leads to alot of things even heat which means ur amp is acting like ur heart when u run 5 blocks. it's runnin it's azz off and getting over heated which in the end will clipp the woofers and kill them plus overdrive the amp sending it to the grave yard. the point being ether get 2 amps or run the same size woofers or lastly. stick to one woofer.
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