JL contacts eD about patent infringement


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Elemental Designs reported today in their blog that JL Audio contacted them over two main concerns with the new ED 13Av.2 subwoofer, one of them being patent infringement on the flagship JL W7 drivers.

"JL`s 2 major concerns with the 13Av.2 as I understand them are as follows."

"1. Patent Infringement. The biggest concern here seems to stem from the fact that the initial drawings of the 13Av.2 I did in the past don`t perfectly mimic the Av.2 production. To someone looking at my drawings for the first time I can understand how this might not be clear. So be it. I can handle that. Their concern is largely based on the fact that the basket would allow for direct airflow to the gap plate."

"2. Likeness.

Likeness I can`t control. What can I say. Some people see a likeness. That`s ok. But you all should know when your buying a 13Av.2 your not buying a JL product, a JL anything, a JL something, or a JL wannabe. Was a Bentley in front of Chrysler when they drew up the 300c? Was a Mercedes S around when Lexus drew the LS? I don`t know. It`s a basket. It has the same function. It`s not the same basket. That should be clear by a few things.

1. Overall height.
2. Landings
3. Clearances
4. Diameter"

Ben's response:

(About) the 13Av.2 baskets and that stuff.

I`m going to redesign. I actually already did the other day. Just the basket though. The performance and soft parts will remain the same.

The reasoning for this is quite frankly whether or not I`m right or wrong JL will bleed me dry in litigation. I don`t have pockets that deep and the more money I can keep in production and product rather than `in court` the more money I can keep using to serve customers. In the end customers pay my bills. Not JL and not the US Court System. Wouldn`t that be nice though?

" Hey JL. My mortgage is due on the 7th. Send the check here! "

That`s just not the way it goes. I`ll post up some pictures and things like that early next week. I`ve got a meeting in a few hours and payroll to do before I go.

Few questions were asked I`ll address

" Why "

6 + months in court means no product shipping for that long. Takes less time to find another basket and run with it. Also costs less than the associated costs with it.

" How long "

Likely 80-90 days. I`ll be heading over to Asia here shortly as that`s where all the baskets come from to look at the redesign and finalize in person to expedite the process as much as possible.

" WTFBBQ? What are you doing for us "

We`re going to give the guys who ordered a break and offer another chunk at the discounted price. As the 200 or so preordered are there we`d love to keep those clients but understand we`ll lose orders due to this. I still feel it`s the best solution. We`ll send something out shortly after the 4th to let everyone know what pricing will be and what we are doing to apologize. We are doing more than just offering lipservice. That I assure you.

" How do you know JL won`t sue you after you change it "

I don`t. It`s a joke if they do though. This was trivial enough let alone being sued over something that doesn`t resemble it in any way shape or form.

" I hate you Ben "

That`s ok. Someone is bound to. I`m still doing what I think is right.

" So did eD lose all the money for the baskets? "

Yes. We paid the vendor. Told them to keep the baskets. The cost of that is less than 2 weeks in sales though and while it`s frustrating. We`ll absorb it and move forward.

" I don`t care. I want that basket and I want it now "

I`m not selling it. The units we have here we`ll continue to use for sampling and prototyping and borrow out I`m sure a little bit. None will be for sale with this basket however by Elemental Designs. Don`t ask me to sell it to you. I won`t regardless of how much you offer me.

" Ben sucks! "

I`m sure will resound around the Internet. If you want to hate me for it I can understand that but at the end of the day my goal is to move forward and move forward I will. I`ve got to be the most annoying person in the world to some people in this industry because I absolutely refuse to roll over and die.

If anything this entire situation is making me more aggressive and less understanding to the rest of the industry. eD is the black sheep. I know that. I think it`s time we start embracing it. We`ve started to rattle cages a little bit.

Interesting factiod of the day. Exponential growth fueled by exponential investment. What`s next in the chapter at eD? Nothing boring. I assure you of that. 185,000 dollars going out today on parts orders.

Now lets shake things up a little bit shall we? :-) Look for a major announcement on the eD web site on Monday July 9th.

Now. I`m getting back to work. If you have questions. Feel free to e-mail me. bmilne @ edesignaudio (dot) com.


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its not the same.....

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hahah yeah it is the same the thing jl got pissed off since they pantented the venting and that basket have same basket with same apertures of the jl sub..

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JL should be proud, that someone is copying them...

That should be an honor

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i know dude but they invested around 8 years making the jl audio w7

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No Dru.... eD should be proud that JL is even aware of their dumb asses.
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