Pioneer Headunit Trouble


Ive gotta pioneer deck, around about 3 yrs old; I was originally amped, but not anymore. Just the standard senario, running Alpine R-series 6x9's & splits. I throw in a cd, It plays for about 15mins perfect (the length of play Varies) then cuts out; not losing power, but just sound & track info, It attempts to come back, but it very quickly cuts out again & dies. Im told this could be a lazer Allignment or dust problem, but I honestly dont know.

Anyone experienced anything similar with the pioneer Headunits or have any advice?

Also, as far as entry level headunits go, what is the best brand if i was to buy a new one. Ive heard good things about Alpine decks, but am thinking of just settling for another pioneer.

yes, pioneer and alpine are great, as for this happening before, i havent heard anything in my experience of car audio, of this happening before but you can go to

and ask some of my buds there.
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