Partial BIG 3?


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if u upgrade the alternator to + battery post and body to - battery post, and NOT do the engine block to - battery post, would it cause your voltage to drop a lil? it is upgraded to 1/0 wire (also note that there is a lil rust forming where the - battery meets the body)

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Where do you think most alternators are attached to? If you upgrade one side of the wire and not the other, then you're not getting much in return. It's like to ease traffic jam problem, you take 2 highways going north and south. Put in 4 lanes going north, but leave the south bound to 2 lanes. Where do you think the traffic jam will be at?

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damn, this guys the manread that analogy, holy sh!t

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less resistance is less resistace - it certainly won't hurt.

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very nice analogy indeed.

oaktowncrazy, its easy to do the engine to the chasis. look under your car. you should see a cable that runs from you enginge block to the chasis. just replace that.


you can run a cable from where the alt mounts on your engine to the - on the battery.

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If you have a stock alternator the factory wire should be big enough, but with DC bigger is usually better if you try to get the last little bit out of it. Try it and see, but often its just the alternator not being big enough to keep the voltage up. Now a larger alternator certainly needs larger hot and ground cables. If it is not for looks, I have often just added another wire someplace even a normal size one...for a stock alternator. In fact I don't take the factory wires out ever unless I must, I have even hidden the factory wire elsewhere if the new cool looking huge one had to go there.

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sorry guys i never responded to this, i read issacs response the day he wrote it, but yea i already did the upgrade from battery to engine block, there was a big improvement in my voltage, but theres a "traffic jam" at the battery post (sorry i'll leave the analogies to issac) so i got sum new battery terminals ( 2/0ga.-2/8ga)so its all good now. but it was a good analogy, i had to pull out my old drivers ed manual to try to figure out what the heck he was talking bout hahahaha j/k thanx guys
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