How to Power an LCD Panel


OK all you electronics wizzards, here's my question. I bought an LCD-TV for my boat which has a 12V negative ground system (same as a car). The TV mfr. does not supply a car adapter. The power supply for the TV outputs 12 VDC (I measured it at 12.3 V). The problem as I see it is that the voltage for the boat's system can vary from approx. 11 to 15 depending on charge state. I can't find any devices that will take normal car/boat battery voltage and stabilize at 12.0 +/- 5% or less. I could use an inverter but turning 11 - 15 volts to 110 VAC and then turning it back to 12 VDC again seems incredibly inneficient. All of the stabilization circuits I've seen require that the input voltage be at least 2V above the desired output. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks.

Try hunting down a universal Laptop power supply. They are a little expensive up to $100 but they produce very clean power.

See Radio Shack part 273-1827. CompUSA sells a similar version.
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